Friday, October 23, 2009

The stench of death

No, not another murder mystery. Just another Microsoft marketing campaign. And I *like* Windows 7! I think it's a fine OS! (Don't watch more than a minute or two of that, by the way, it's not healthy)

This, however, is a pretty watchable version of that video. Probably a more enjoyable party, too.


  1. My downstairs neighhbor was selected to run one of those parties. He took the free copy of Win7, tossed out the other paraphenalia, and had a party of one. Not quite what Redmond had in mind.

    I've got two copies of the beastie, one for my 64-bit Netbook and one for my much more powerful yet antiquated 32-bit desktop. I won't be able to install on the desktop for a week or so, but I was very pleased with the Netbook install. Total elapsed time from start of install to working OS (including all drivers): 21 minutes. It took another 3 minutes for me to reinstall Grub on the MBR so I could multi-boot Linux and Win7, and then I was done. I started at 8:30 and was done by 9.

    I'm very impressed so far, doubly so with how welcoming the OS was to using Firefox - seamless, almost.

  2. That party idea... man.

    Yeah, I'm planning to install it on my desktop. We evaluated a few earlier betas at work and it seems like a decent, stable OS. (And I do have to say, that 1/2 hour upgrade time beats the hell out of my Snow Leopard upgrade)

  3. The install was super-easy. It asked where to go, I told it, and then it was done. There were only 5 or 6 spots where it stopped to ask a question, and one of those was for the product code.

    What really made my evening was this: I was playing around with the themes and clicked the "Get More..." link. Not only did it open the page in Firefox (the second thing I installed), but one of the "Top Rated" extra backgrounds was of three penguins dancing. That photo is now part of a theme I named "Irony."