Thursday, May 21, 2009

Too slow!

I stopped by the grocery store with a brilliant idea yesterday, but it was just too late -- the ramps are gone!  I will have to leave it to someone else to attempt ramp pesto.

(Ramps, for the regrettably uncultured, are sort of a cross between garlic and green onions.  I think they're technically wild leeks.  They have long broad leaves that are a bit fibrous but have a wonderful garlic flavor, which I intended to pair half-and-half with basil for the pesto.  I'm not sure pine nuts would have stood up to it, though.  Pistachios might work better)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still Alive

Been busy as hell at work, then had a Weekend of Social Engagement Doom, then was sick for a week.  But I'm still alive!  

In the process of being sick, I decided to give the Codex Alera series (by Jim Butcher) a second chance.  Last time I tried I only got ten pages into the first book.  This time, I burned through the whole series in less than a week (damn you, Kindle, and your instant gratification!)  Less shark-jumpy than his Dresden Files series, and more carefully-crafted.  He keeps a lot of secrets from one book to the next, and is confident enough not to answer all the questions he raises, even five books in, there are questions unanswered from the first book.

(Oh, and as evidence that I'm still alive and well, I still hate Perl.)