Friday, October 16, 2009

RSS Change

I'd gotten a few... not complaints, exactly, but comments, about the length of some of my posts when viewed in peoples' feeds. With a number of posts planned that spoil stories I particularly like, I thought I'd look again and see if I can make it truncate posts in the RSS feed, with a link back to the full post. I believe I've accomplished this.

If you saw the above paragraph in your feed, but had to go to the site for this one, then it worked! I apologize if this is an inconvenience, but the old way was also an inconvenience, so hey.


  1. As picked up by LJ, it's cutting off apparently at a set length rather than by paragraph break (it got to " your feed, but" for this entry), but that's serviceable enough.

    (Man, this comment system continues to be broken as heck for me...)

  2. Hey, you were able to post! I turned off moderation in all cases to see if that would help.

    LJ is getting the same cutoff as the regular RSS feed, I think -- if I fix one, both will look good.

  3. Unfortunately I was only able to post through some arcane sequence of re-loading the comment frame in new windows and hitting preview a bunch of times in various orders until I got lucky. Trying to do anything normal with any ID method still results in a page reload with no comment posted for me.