Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Comments from the peanut gallery

A number of people have pointed out that Blogger's comment system sucks and frequently gives users a hard time. I enable anonymous comments, which includes a Name/URL option. Just select that from near the bottom of the dropdown list, and it should work OK for you. (At least, it does in Firefox)
(Feel free to use this post to experiment)


  1. Ok, let's give it a try then.

    Hmm, unfortunately seeing the same problems I always have (using name/URL, didn't try straight anon yet). I'm not sure the authentication was the problem. Once I actually see a captcha I'm generally good! It's getting to that point that's fraught with reloading and random button clicking...

  2. Trying pure anonymous... same behavior.

    I've developed a repeatable, but insane, way of getting through by now though. Pick ID method. Type in message. Hit post, get reloaded page with no comment. Use firefox to do "This Frame Only" on comment entry form. Shows me just the entry box *with my old text* and the buttons. Hit preview. I get the reloaded post with no comment again. Now hit *back* in the browser, to the entry frame. Now it shows a preview *and* a captcha! Enter captcha, hit post. Get reloaded page with comment successfully posted.

    Completely nuts, but repeatable. Also, when I'm in "entry frame only" mode, copy/paste actually work, which they don't in this text field on the normal page.

  3. I've heard people say on other blogspot blogs that if they don't preview the post, it doesn't work. Have you tried that?

    (You shouldn't be getting a captcha at all, though. I don't, even when I post anonymously)

  4. Ah, I see the problem -- I only see captchas when I'm not logged into my Google/gmail/whatever account. That does work for me, but it looks like there may be some weird javascript shenanigans going on. I'll look into it further.