Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun Robot Facts

(There are real robot facts available here. This page is just lame jokes)

The movie "The Terminator" is actually a modern day remake of "Old Yeller".

Speaking of movies, did you know that the original ending to "The Matrix" trilogy was just two hours of robots beating up Keanu Reeves, with no dialog? In retrospect, they should have stuck with that.


  1. hey i need help with my project i goto central high school and my 2 teachers r Mr. Tompkins and Ms. Welch they r the best teachers ever but i need moe facks and i need them really soon too if you can help that would be great

  2. Er, at this point, knowing nothing about you or your project, the best thing I can do is point out that neither of the "Facts" on this page are actually, you know, true.