Sunday, January 11, 2009

Glass Jawing

I recently was pointed to an article from the middle of last year on the subject of glass.  Glass is interesting stuff in a lot of ways, and after complaining about a science article in a previous post, I thought I ought to give an example of an article I liked.  I complain a lot that science articles are dumbed down in a way that, say, book reviews aren't.  It sometimes seems that these articles are written under the assumption that the reader neither knows nor particularly cares about science.  The glass article, on the other hand, strikes what I consider a reasonable balance: it seems to assume that the reader does not have a particularly sophisticated grasp of science, but does have some familiarity with terminology, and does care.  I find, too, that The Economist manages to strike this balance more readily than the New York Times, but I'm never too confident linking to Economist articles, as it's not clear to me when and for what reasons they go back and forth from "premium" to freely available.

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