Saturday, January 31, 2009

Browser Games

As several of you are interested in making games, you might want to look at the Building Browser Games blog, which contains a number of interviews and articles that may be of interest. I'm also grateful to it for pointing out a clever little game, Booze Quest. In it, you play an NPC -- a bartender, in fact, who gets to hand out quests to passing adventurers. It seems intended to be very lightweight (you shouldn't spend more than a couple minutes per session on it) and has lots of little jokes and surprises. I'm very much looking forward to seeing it develop.

Another one I've been impressed with is ForumWarz. You know those jerks you see on various forums, who seem like they're intentionally trying to ruin the internet for everyone else? In this game, they kind of are, and you play as one of them. It's in turns obscene, profane, and very funny. Gameplay revolves around going into randomized forums and posting, for example, insults and random garbage to disrupt and then "pwn" the forum. They also have an interesting way to raise money: you can play through "Chapter 1" for free, and continue playing with the resources and community content that makes available, but you have to pay something like $10 to have access to Chapter 2, with new forums, online shops, and items.

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