Monday, January 11, 2010

Labors of Hercules: A Few Questions

I was jotting down some notes for my post on the Cretan Bull, and it occurred to me that I don't entirely know a) whether people are all that interested in these posts, and b) whether I could be doing things differently to make them more interesting. I mean, I get most of what I need out of it from simply taking down my notes, and then a few insights in the process of writing everything out. And it is nice to have them in a central location like this.

But I'm never sure how much to spoil about the stories, whether or not I should go into greater depth looking up the original myth, etc. So, I'm adding a poll up top and will keep it open for a couple days. Do please take a minute to give a little feedback, it will help a lot in figuring out how to spend my time.


  1. The option I wanted to click was, "I don't care about Agatha Christie".

  2. Yeah, yeah. And when I start writing myths instead of mystery stories, I'll get right on that ;)